Flying Steps

Vartan Bassil: Art director and choreographer

Vartan Bassil

Art director and choreographer

Without Vartan Bassil aka Vartan, Germany's b-boy history would miss a very important chapter. Born in Lebanon, and the founder and creative mind of the pack, he led the Flying Steps to four world championship titles in breakdance competitions (2 x Battle Of The Year, 2 x Red Bull Beat Battle). His trademark is the combination of footwork and power moves. As the choreographer of Red Bull Flying Bach, Vartan combines a huge variety of urban dance styles and a very unique dance.

Mikel: Artist management and choreographer


Artist management and choreographer

Mikel’s career started with a breakdance workshop in a youth centre in 1991. Since then, his engagement for the following generations of breakdance has never stopped: Mikel organizes free b-boy classes, events and workshops in the Flying Steps Dance Academy, supporting the future development of German b-boys. His artistic range reaches from bboying and popping to locking and house.

Benny: Talentscout and choreographer


Talentscout and choreographer

Benny Kimoto a.k.a. Benny is one of the most powerful figures in breakdancing and the first b-boy worldwirde who presented more airtwist without a break. His innovations in powermoving and freezes had such a big influence on the scene, that he was immortalized on the game "B-Boy The Game" on PlayStation. Moreover Benny is responsible for scouting new talents and creating new shows.

Amigo: Co-Founder and choreographer


Co-Founder and choreographer

Amigo started his carrer as dancer on the streets of Berlin with the well known group Flying Steps. He founded the group with Vartan and won the Battle Of The Year in 1994 and 2000- Coming from Hip Hop, Amigo grew into different directions and develops new forms of art. 



Red Bull Flying Bach & Flying Illusion auf Tour

Red Bull Flying Bach zurück auf Deutschlandtour
Red Bull Flying Illusion in der Schweiz und Österreich


The next mega production

Now it's time to move on with the next great production Red Bull Flying Bach. The journey continues ...


Flying Steps Academy Berlin

Meanwhile they opened 2013 the new Flying Steps Academy in Berlin, Germany's best urban dance school with styles from b-boying to hip hop, from house to ballet, over to tap and salsa.


The world tour continues

The show "Red Bull Flying Bach" brings the crew also to Torino.


From Berlin to Bangkok

The success of "Red Bull Flying Bach" brings the boys around the world: from Berlin to Bangkok.


Red Bull Flying Bach

In 2010 was the premiere of Red Bull Flying Bach: a tremendous and brave fusion of classical music and urban dance.


Red Bull Beat Battle 2007

Another world championship for the Flying Steps at the Red Bull Beat Battle in 2007.


Tanzschule 2007

Die Flying Steps haben Ihre eigenen Räumlichkeiten und gründeten am 25.06.2007 die Flying Steps Dance Academy in Berlin-Kreuzberg, die größte urbane Tanzschule in Deutschland. mit Stilen von B-Boying bis Hip Hop, von House bis Ballett.


Red Bull Beat Battle 2005

At the Red Bull Beat Battle 2005 once again the Flying Steps can call themselves world champions.


Super Sonic

The Flying Steps get famous beside breakdance. They released a single called "Super Sonic" with Music Instructor and sold it more than 250.000 times. 


Again Battle Of The Year Winner

For the second time after 1994 the Flying Steps win the Battle Of The Year international at the Expo in Hannover. 


Foundation of Flying Steps

The crew was founded in 1993 by Vartan Bassil and Kadir "Amigo" Memis in Berlin.